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Australia says “Yes” – an Einstein Analytics visualisation

At Sqware Peg we believe in equality for all and are thrilled Australia voted "Yes" to marriage equality. We also believe in the power of data to tell a story, provide insight, and drive action. We have used Salesforce Einstein Analytics to visualise where Australia said "Yes" and who had their say....

Verity Edwards, July 1, 2017 Growing up in China, Fang Chen’s parents wanted her to study electrical engineering because it was practical. “My parents thought getting into electrical engineering, at least I could repair TVs,” Chen says. Now in her late 40s, Chen has a bachelor degree, a masters and a PhD...

When Does Your Salesforce Org Need a Health Check?

Just like any well-oiled machine, your Salesforce instance is in constant need of fine-tuning and occasionally a complete replacement of parts is required to keep it running at the same pace as your business. A health check can benefit any Salesforce customer, but there are several trigger points for existing...