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Live Message

LiveMessage – A new channel for Customer Support from Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce recently announced a new Service Cloud feature called LiveMessage. This is a different take on text message based customer service as compared to Live Chat (existing feature of Service Cloud). Essentially, this will enable a new customer support channel within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Messaging has become a preferred communication channel for consumers in today’s age of connectivity and mobility. With that, the consumer expectation has also change around costumer support. More and more consumers are preferring utilizing message based communication over traditional channels like phone, email, live chat etc. This has led to an increased appetite from Salesforce.com’s customers to support it. Up until now, this wasn’t something that was offered as part of core Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities. There were some alternative available within AppExchange to facilitate or bridge this gap. With the recent acquisition of HayWire and merging it’s capabilities within core Service Cloud capabilities, Salesforce has tried to bridge this massive gap.

In contrast to a formal online chat support delivered via Live Chat, LiveMessage relies on 2-way conversational messages (by channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, other social messenger etc). This is a fully configurable feature and provide organizations ability to tag chats with any object (both standard and custom) with routing rules.

Interestingly, Salesforce is harping on features/capabilities from HayWire(recent acquisition).

Some of the features that are now available in GA are,

  • SMS/Text Communications
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Service Cloud Bots (provides simple rules-based automation)
  • BYO Bots (future release + safe harbour)
  • API for Bot support (future release + safe harbour)
  • Pre-chat & post-chat forms
  • Omni-channel support
  • Automated routing and history maintenance

The obvious nirvana will be to have Salesforce Einstein capabilities delivered for LiveMessage Bots as well to help customer support representatives reduce the time spent addressing standard issues, allowing them to invest in more pressing cases.

Disclaimer : Some of the capabilities mentioned in this post are not yet available in GA. They are slated for release during sometime in 2017. Safe Harbour !!


Author: Monil Pathak, Salesforce Certified Domain Architect with around 5 years of experience in delivering enterprise level Salesforce.com projects.