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SA Health

How Simplus helped SA Health achieve a 100% drop in customer complaints

An ageing population creates a booming market

In Australia, the fastest growing age group is made up of people 65 and over.

It’s not just Australia that has an ageing population. In 2017, the United Nations calculated the global number of people 60 and over at 962 million, with that number estimated to grow to 2.1 billion by the year 2050.

When you consider that seniors in Australia currently account for approximately 15% of the population in this country, it’s easy to see that is a booming demographic for businesses looking for a large and loyal customer base.

Simplus SA Health

Background on SA Health

Every state and territory in Australia have a senior’s concession card program. It’s a free card that provides residents over the age of 60, who are not working more than a set number of hours each week in paid employment, with transport concessions and savings at participating businesses around the country.

In South Australia, the Seniors Card system is operated by the South Australian Department for Health and Wellbeing (SA Health), and at the time of writing this article, they handle over 380,000 accounts for Seniors Card members in their state.

A big base reduced by small mistakes

The problem with SA Health’s previous systems began with errors in their digital marketing platform.

SA Health publishes a digital magazine titled “WeekendPlus,” which had successfully attracted 70,000 subscribers. However, when members had unsubscribed, there was no synchronization between member subscription data in Sales Cloud and their previous email marketing platform. This resulted in eDMs and member and marketing materials often being sent to the wrong contacts.

Lost data leads to missed opportunities

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Beyond the customer complaints and shrinking subscription base, the unreliable reporting gathered by multiple systems was making it hard for SA Health to pitch to new businesses.

The lack of data integrity was impacting partner relationships and advertising revenue, which was only further deteriorating the customer experience of all of SA Health’s members.

The Simplus Approach

In early 2018, SA Health approached Simplus to consolidate their previous email marketing platform data into Sales Cloud and to implement Marketing Cloud.

Simplus implemented the Marketing Cloud Connector to provide multi-directional integration between Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, synching data between both platforms.

Simplus worked closely with SA Health to build, test, and review all solutions. This ensured a clear understanding of what outcomes were to be met short-term while also setting up the platform to be ready for growth in the near future and for permanent transformation.

The implementation enables Sales Cloud to provide a source of truth for member subscription data and eliminates the need for separate member subscription data on multiple platforms.

A Centralised View Leads to a Happier Base

The solution Simplus implemented eliminates the need for SA Health to track separate member subscription data on multiple platforms and enables staff to share real-time reporting both internally and with potential clients.

The ability to run detailed reporting provides greater customer insight and ultimately results in more effective marketing campaigns. Filters from synchronized data extensions enables profiling of customers to begin to build automated journeys.

Post-implementation, SA Health has also happily reported a 100% drop in customer complaints and a 50% uplift in partner advocacy and satisfaction.

Simplus SA Health

What’s Next?

The future now looks bright for SA Health and their Seniors Card platform because, in a market where your customers will one day make up the largest part of the market, retaining those customers and keeping them happy is very big business indeed.