In-house specialist = good. Managed Services = better.

If you are utilising one or more Salesforce services, maintaining your org can be a huge undertaking.

By [email protected] May 1, 2019
Kyle Hanagarne is EVP, Simplus ANZ based in Sydney.

In recent years, most businesses have expanded the need for IT services into every department of the organisation. Today, everything—from web design to SEO, accounting, and customer relationship management—will require a technological expert to keep things running smoothly.

If you are utilising one or more Salesforce services, the maintenance of your org alone can be a huge burden. Salesforce is a constantly shifting landscape that can often leave you scratching your head, wondering which move you should make next to maximise your investment’s value.

As such, many companies opt for an in-house employee or small team of Salesforce specialists to help maintain their Salesforce instance. However, you will find that insourcing Salesforce expertise can come with some disadvantages and limitations. Here are some reasons you want to hire a consulting firm like Simplus rather than building an in-house team.

Access a Broad Range of Expertise

When you hire a single in-house person or a small team of Salesforce specialists, at best you’re gaining access to a specific skill set or small cross-section of Salesforce knowledge. When you outsource to a Salesforce consultancy firm, you’re actually accessing hundreds of skill sets across a large team of experts, including success managers, system admins, developers, business analysts, and operations experts.

Leave Behind Tribal Knowledge

The Salesforce ecosystem is very competitive. As a result, in-house consultants are constantly on the lookout for their next career move. If a new and better opportunity arises, a consultant will quickly jump ship for more competitive pay. When that happens, you can suddenly lose access to the tribal knowledge your Salesforce expert possessed. However, with an outside consultancy, this expert knowledge resides in the experiences of hundreds of experts, so you don’t have to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Easily Predict Costs

Salesforce is a very dynamic service. One week, you might find yourself needing to change, maintain, or implement various components or services to keep your users happy. The next week is quiet, and everything is running smoothly. Employees are a fixed cost, requiring expenses such as superannuation, payroll tax, and various other benefits. An outside consultant can provide a blended rate due to a diversified skill set and offers the ability to adjust capacity without incurring additional costs.

Gain a Subjective Perspective

When you hire in-house, you don’t get the luxury of outside opinions, experience, and expertise. You are limited to your manager’s experience, which may be further limited to your system. An outside consultancy is subjective in their judgment: it can pull from the experience of working on hundreds of projects while also drawing on the knowledge of a team of certified specialists to find the best solution.

Make Decisions that Will Last

As mentioned before, Salesforce is a constantly changing environment, continuously improving upon itself. Outside consultants often have inside information on future releases of Salesforce, which can impact solution architecture.

As you can see, there are many benefits of choosing an outside consultancy firm to fulfill the need for your Salesforce managed services. Simplus has successfully worked on various projects across multiple industries for many happy customers, and we can help you operate and maintain your Salesforce org, too! Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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