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Salesforce World Tour 2018: The Top 5 Takeaways

The Sqware Peg team had a great day of learning and inspiration at Salesforce World Tour – with so much to take in and digest our team have compiled their top 5 takeouts from the day.

1. Lightning has struck!

The time for migrating your org to Lightning is now and many companies we spoke to this week are already on that journey. See it as an opportunity to improve user experience, lift adoption, and tick off a list of enhancements at the same time. To maximise success: plan for an incremental delivery that aligns with Salesforce’s feature releases rather than a “big bang” and ensure you have allocated enough effort to plan and manage the change.

2. AI is the next level of innovation.

While there is still much to be seen in terms of how AI will manifest itself in our day-to-day use of technology, the path to innovation has begun. MyEinstein is an advancement in how this journey can be shaped – it empowers users to build AI-powered apps with clicks, not code. As Peter Coffee said this week, we should think of AI as “Augmented Intelligence” –  the people who best understand and drive business processes now have the power to build and customise AI to fit their specific needs.

3. The ecosystem is rapidly evolving and innovating.

Every year more and more companies are joining the Salesforce Ohana and this year was no exception! Nearly 50 new apps were added in the APAC region in the last year alone. It was great to see apps like Valiant Finance, SocialSuite, and nCino getting support from Salesforce Ventures to accelerate their success in APAC.

4. Salesforce + Google = Happy Customers.

Salesforce and Google are building out a robust strategic partnership focused around three key components:

    • Google Cloud is a global preferred public cloud provider for Salesforce
    • Integrations connect Salesforce with G Suite enabling customers to work seamlessly between Salesforce Lightning and Quip and Gmail, Hangouts Meet, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sheets
    • A deeper integration between Salesforce and Google Analytics connects sales, marketing and advertising data across Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360.

5. Salesforce is live on AWS Cloud Infrastructure in Australia.

By leveraging AWS locally, Salesforce are driving focus on two key customer commitments: delivering the most trusted, reliable and resilient service available, and bringing new infrastructure online quickly and efficiently.


Keen to share your thoughts or ask us how else the Salesforce platform could help your business? Please feel free to get in touch!