Vetforce goes to Dreamforce

Simplus Vetforce is on the road to Dreamforce 2019

We love our troops! And we should remember and respect the sacrifices they make every day. But what if you could extend that support to help veterans when they return home? That is the foundation on which Salesforce Vetforce is built. 

What Is Salesforce Vetforce?

Upon returning home, military vets are often haunted by one question: “What do I do now?” Vetforce provides a life-affirming answer. “Vetforce is the Salesforce job training and career accelerator program for military service members, veterans, and spouses,” says David Smith, an entrepreneur and US Marine veteran. “Through their online community, they connect members to free training, classes, and career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. Vetforce is comprised of military veterans who are taking advantage of the opportunity to earn free Salesforce certifications in order to launch their careers to new heights.” 

According to the Military to Civilian Transition 2018 report, approximately 200,000 enlisted Service members transition from the military to civilian duties each year. And many of them lack the technical skills necessary to secure a job that can help them move forward in today’s economy. According to, 87 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce to power their businesses. By 2022, the Salesforce ecosystem will create over 3 million jobs. Salesforce has found a niche that offers the perfect match for our military veterans and their spouses. 

“Since its launch in 2014, 15,000 members of the military community have joined Vetforce to gain valuable skills, earn certifications, and land meaningful careers in the Salesforce ecosystem,” says Suzanne DiBianca, president of the Salesforce Foundation. Through the Vetforce Alliance Initiative, veterans and their spouses can expand their skill set as part of some of the industry’s leading companies. 

Simplus Is Partnered with the Vetforce Alliance

When you need support, you call in the troops. And that is key to the success of the Vetforce Alliance Initiative. As part of the Vetforce program, the focus of the Vetforce Alliance Initiative is to accelerate the hiring of veterans and military spouses for the Salesforce ecosystem. 

As one of only nine companies currently partnered with the Vetforce Alliance Initiative, Simplus is committed to enabling today’s military veterans and their spouses to gain opportunities and excel in new areas of evolving technologies. 

As a Vetforce Alliance partner, a company agrees to offer automatic interviews for a veteran or a military spouse who completes the Vetforce Program. They then provide reskilling opportunities for veteran- and military-spouse employees within the company through the Vetforce Program. After that, the sky’s the limit.

“So much has changed for me since I began my journey at Simplus,” says AJ Sawhney of Simplus. “I became 3X Salesforce certified, was promoted after six months, and now help lead the Veteran Initiative and partnership with Vetforce. I’ve now been chosen by Vetforce to receive a full sponsorship to Dreamforce ’19. I plan on using this trip to strategically strengthen the Simplus/Vetforce partnership as well as give back to the Salesforce ecosystem in any way I can.”

Vetforce is providing job training. But more importantly, it’s giving thousands of smart, talented, and personally driven men and women an opportunity to expand this new chapter in their lives to be as big as they dare to dream. That’s what makes Vetforce and Dreamforce such an indomitable combination. 

Simplus Vetforce Alliance Is a Force at Dreamforce 2019

For four days, Vetforce participants can see firsthand the impact their newly acquired technical skills can have on this industry. And the support they receive is rivaled only by the support they felt from their military family. As a new partner, Simplus will be proudly represented by two Vetforce superpowers: AJ Sawhney and AnnaMaria Hickman. 

“Attending Dreamforce this year marks an enormous milestone for me,” says Hickman. “Last year, I attended Dreamforce not knowing much about Salesforce and the possibilities I would gain out of going. This year, I will have the chance to lead the newest members of the Dreamforce Team and be of guidance to them during this event. In addition, I will be able to represent Simplus in a new light as part of the Alliance Partnership. It is surreal to think that it only took one year to get to where I am today.”

Dreamforce 2019 may only last a week. But the experience that lies in store for those that attend, including our Vetforce participants, will create a lifetime of possibilities. We will see you at Dreamforce 2019

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Dreamforce 2019 is November 19–22 in San Francisco, CA.