Why Partner with Sqware Peg?

“What instantly set Sqware Peg apart was the time taken to fact find and really listen to what we had to say and ask questions.”

Evlynn Hayes, Manager Seniors Card & Business Services SA Gov.

Our Business Is Your Business

Our approach is simple. We ensure business success with our proven change management and delivery method ‘The Sqware Peg Way’.

Our process is your competitive advantage.

The Sqware Peg Way

How we deliver your Salesforce Cloud Project

Discover – Understand your business, define pain points and map out your current high level business process.

Blueprint – Deep dive into current business process, systems and personas. To-Be design, road map for implementation and high level solution architecture.

Implement – Agile Implementation of system, change management and training.

Operate – Managed Services (support) of system.

Experience The Sqware Peg Difference

What makes us different? Our Culture.

Our team is 100% onshore in Australia, certified and are guided by governance for Best Practice. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, because we understand that only a true partnership can deliver transformations and results that stick. We are honest and transparent and we tell it as it is.

Our solutions are 100% Salesforce and we are a market leader in successful multi-cloud implementations in Australia.


Client for Life

Trusted Expertise

Practical Innovation

Growth Mindset

Thoughtful Team

The #1 Fit In Salesforce

Sqware Peg was the first Salesforce Partner in APAC, completing the first implementation in Australia prior to the arrival of Salesforce locally.

Now, with over 15 years’ experience and 2000+ successfully completed Salesforce projects and offices in both Sydney and Melbourne, we have the people and the experience to deliver first class results across a range of industries and functions.

Driving Permanent Transformation

“We have confidence in knowing that if our requirements change over the next 12 months, we have confidence coming to Sqware Peg for future projects”.

Evlynn Hayes, Manager Seniors Card & Business Services SA Gov.

At Sqware Peg, we are driven to achieve impressive, rapid, sustainable and continuously improving results for our clients. Unlike many Salesforce partners, we don’t just solve a single problem or create a one-time improvement. Instead, we work to drive permanent transformations.

We are known for the way in which we implement, the real results we achieve, and the speed at which we implement. Sqware Peg implementations are delivered in weeks, not months or years.

At Sqware Peg, we want the process of business transformation to be as enjoyable as possible. We understand that change is difficult and riddled with challenges, which is why Sqware Peg provides ongoing guidance and support to help drive internal user adoption and a rapid rate of change.

We know that as your business evolves, your Salesforce solution needs to do the same. By leveraging the experience and skills of our certified team, you can eventually become fully self-sufficient, which will maximise your investment and drive lasting results.

Delivering Real Results

At Sqware Peg, we’re renowned for agile, rapid and flexible implementations.

We work in sprints so that you can see the impact and results quickly. However, our real measure of success is your organisation’s ability to sustain and improve on your results long after we are gone; with vast improvements on your bottom line, customer engagement and process efficiencies.

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